A mother embracing her son happily

After practicing adoption and surrogacy law for 40 years, Jeanne T. Tate created our sister agency, Heart of Surrogacy, LLC, to further assist families desiring to expand through gestational surrogacy. Heart of Surrogacy, LLC is a full-service gestational surrogate matching agency that approaches its work from a place in the heart, from a love of forming families, from a deep respect for the amazing gift a gestational carrier gives, and from caring compassion for intended parents whose journey to surrogacy is born of an irrepressible desire to be parents.  The passion and focus of Heart of Surrogacy, LLC is to help guide and connect intended parents and gestational surrogates (the term utilized in Florida’s gestational surrogacy law), and to provide continuing support and guidance to the parties from the beginning of the process through and including the ultimate creation of a loving family.