HOPE Program Post-Placement Services

Choosing to make an adoption plan for a child is hard. Birth parents often grieve the loss of their child for many years. Sometimes only another birth parent can understand that grief. Under the direction of “seasoned” birth parents, the HOPE Program provides post-placement services to any birth parent no matter how long ago their placement occurred. Individual sessions, retreats, support group meetings, and online groups are available to assist birth parents through the grief process by connecting parents to others who have also made adoption plans and helping important connections develop.

Retreats are weekend events that allow birth mothers to share their adoption story with other birth mothers, learn about the grief process, build strong bonds, and learn valuable coping skills, all while enjoying a little pampering.

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Pizza Meet Ups are support group meetings led by a birth parent where you can meet and connect with other people that have also placed a child for adoption. Pizza Meet Ups are open to birth mothers and birth fathers and those who support them. And the pizza is always free!

Online support is offered through private Facebook groups that connect birth mothers from all over the world in a supportive environment that allows them to speak freely about the joys and heartbreaks of adoption.

Services may begin any time post-placement and will be available as long as necessary.

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