Financial Assistance for Adoption

Finances are often a reason that women chose adoption when deciding how to handle an unplanned pregnancy. Heart of Adoptions Alliance, Inc. adoptive families, and the courts understand that you may need financial help, that it may be difficult to work or live in your current residence, and care for family members while pregnant. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Heart of Adoptions Alliance, Inc. provides financial support to birth mothers who are creating an adoption plan. Many woman feel they are “giving a baby up” for adoption, while we recognize that you are placing them for adoption. We can assist with obtaining insurance to cover your pregnancy related medical needs and you have the right to choose your doctor and the hospital where you will deliver. Financial help is available for items such as clothing, rent, utilities, and other pregnancy related expenses allowable under Florida law.


Simply put, no. A birth mother does not get paid for placing a child for adoption. While it is not legal in Florida to get paid for adoption, we can help with your expenses. Heart of Adoptions Alliance, Inc. does pay for expenses such as rent, utilities, food, transportation, and clothing. We will also assist with obtaining insurance to cover your pregnancy related medical needs. We offer all adoption related legal fees, and can provide counseling referral services for as long as you want. The amount of financial assistance you receive will be based on your living situation and stage of pregnancy. Once your adoption caseworker has a better understanding of your needs, they will work as quickly as possible to get you assistance.

Yes. It is completely free for a birth mother to choose adoption. The selfless decision you are choosing should not create any financial hardship, nor should you have to pay any medical or legal fees. Along with financial assistance, we provide 24/7 support and counseling, the option for you to create your own adoption plan, access to medical care for the birth mother and baby, and legal services covered by the adoptive family.

Choosing adoption should not burden you financially. Creating an adoption plan with Heart of Adoptions Alliance, Inc. will allow you to receive counseling services, all legal pertaining to the adoption, and access to medical care. You may also be able to receive assistance for living expenses. Financial assistance is handled through the agency and your assigned case worker.

Food & Groceries

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Maternity Clothes

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Heart of Adoptions Alliance, Inc.

Heart of Adoptions Alliance, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that is Hague Accredited to complete international adoptions. In addition to international work, we promote adoption education through our dedication to assisting families facing an unplanned pregnancy by providing resources and support. Heart of Adoptions Alliance, Inc. also works to provide grants to families needing assistance with the costs of adoption, when possible.